8 Telltale Signs You Need Dryer Repair in Portland

8 Telltale Signs You Need Your Dryer Repaired in Portland

You’re minding your business when all of a sudden, a burning smell wafts through your home. After searching the house, you discover that it’s coming from the load of laundry that you put in the dryer not even ten minutes ago. You need to dry your clothes so you just shrug and carry on.

This is probably the worst mistake that you can make. If you ignore clear signs that your appliance needs to be repaired you risk a fire or even being electrocuted by it on down the line. To help you decide if your dryer needs a trip to the shop, here are a few more clear signs that you need dryer repair in Portland.

1. It’s Caught Fire Before

This sounds a little bit extreme but it does happen. Even if it’s a small blaze, you need to turn off the dryer right away and call a repair company in Portland. Do not, under any circumstances, turn the dryer on again until someone comes to check on it.

Most of the time fires melt casing or cause some other type of internal damage. If you turn it back on before it’s fixed you’ll risk a second, possibly bigger fire to break out or electrocution.

2. It’s Making Loud Noises

Dryers making noises aren’t uncommon especially if you toss in a pair of shoes or something with zippers. What isn’t common is for it to make loud noises when these things aren’t in the dryer or if the noise is loud even for shoes.

This could mean that your dryer belt is loose. If you leave it unchecked, it could break.

You want to have this problem dealt with before that happens to avoid having to shell out money for a new belt. Even if it’s not expensive to have a company come to replace your belt, it’s still money that you’ve lost.

3. The Dryer is Running But Not Spinning

Another indicator that something is up with your belt is if the appliance is running but the drum isn’t spinning. This usually means that the belt has snapped. While that is unfortunate because you’ll have to pay for a belt, it’s a simple repair.

Call out a repair service to replace your belt. Your clothes won’t dry evenly until you do which can make them smell quite musty after a little while.

4. Your Clothes Take Forever to Dry

When you first got your dryer it only took it 45 minutes to dry. Over the past few months, this number has been steadily increasing. Either you keep overfilling your dryer, or there is a deeper issue going on.

A professional will be able to tell you if you have a problem with your belt, a broken sensor, an electrical problem, or a fun combination of all three.

5. There’s a Burning Smell

A lot of times when there is a burning smell coming from your dryer it’s because you haven’t been cleaning out your lint trap like you’re supposed to. If you go check your lint trap and it’s clean as a whistle then this means that you have a clogged hose which is trapping in heat.

Turn off your dryer and leave it off until someone arrives to check it out. If you let the dryer continue its cycle then you risk it catching fire and causing even more damage to the internal parts of your machine.

6. It’s Leaking

While you most likely associate a washing machine with leaking water, your dryer can do it too. The most common reason that this happens is a blocked vent from lint build up. When it’s clogged, the hot, wet air has nowhere to go and so it causes condensation AKA, a water leak.

You can fix this by grabbing a brush and cleaning out the vent in question. Condensation can also be caused by a dryer vent pipe that hasn’t been insulated properly or by one that’s been cracked.

7.  Movement

Is your dryer moving? You better go catch it! In all seriousness, your dryer shouldn’t be scooting around your laundry room.Sometimes this happens simply because the machine isn’t level. If it is level or you make it level and the machine is still trying to escape then you need to have someone come out.

If you let it go unattended it may dance it’s way out from the wall and snap a vital connection or even leak water everywhere.

8. It Won’t Even Turn On

The most obvious sign that you have a problem is that the machine won’t come on whatsoever. Before you panic and start calling a repair service, make sure your door is shut all the way. Some machines have a safety feature that prevents it from turning on if the door is still a little bit open.

If the door is shut nice and tight then you may have an electrical issue. It could also mean the machine isn’t venting as it should be. This issue is a little complicated and will need the assistance of a trained professional to fix.

Signs that You Need Dryer Repair in Portland ASAP

If your dryer isn’t working correctly you shouldn’t just ignore it. All appliances give us little warning signs that they are about to go out or even combust into flames. So, the next time your dryer starts acting strange think back on these tips to decide if you need to call up company for dryer repair in Portland.

If you live in the Portland metro area and need dryer repairs we’ve got your back. Schedule an appointment with us today to get your dryer back into action!