Microwave Repair

Microwave Repair ~ Portland, OR

Does your built-in or above-the-range microwave need repairing or servicing? Call today to schedule a microwave repair appointment, (503) 762-1427.

If your microwave isn’t working the way it should be, it’s time to call a repairman. The whole point of a microwave is that it should be a quick, convenient way to cook food. If you’ve lost that convenience, you probably feel at a loss.

Before you pronounce your microwave dead and get ready to replace it, give us a call, and you can talk to an experienced technician. By listening to your description, we can often determine what’s wrong. And if the phone call doesn’t solve the mystery, we can send out a technician, who will perform diagnostics.

Our appliance repair company has been in business in Portland since 2010, and we’re bonded, insured, and licensed. Our service vans carry an extensive inventory of parts, which allows us to complete most appliance repairs in a single visit.

These are the most common signs that your microwave needs repairing or servicing:

  • microwave won’t turn on
  • microwave won’t turn off when the timer ends
  • microwave seems to be taking too long to heat food
  • error codes
  • the outside of the microwave becomes hot
  • smoke
  • sparks
  • strange smells
  • using the microwave causes a fuse to blow or trips the electrical circuit breaker
  • excessive or strange noises
  • turntable inside the microwave won’t turn
  • power or display buttons on the keypad won’t work
  • microwave door isn’t shutting properly
  • light won’t come on

We repair and service most major brands of microwaves, including:

  • Sharp microwaves
  • GE microwaves / General Electric microwaves
  • KitchenAid microwaves
  • Samsung microwaves
  • Panasonic microwaves
  • Whirlpool microwaves
  • Maytag microwaves
  • Kenmore microwaves / Sears microwaves
  • Dacor microwaves
  • Jenn-Air microwaves
  • LG microwaves
  • Amana microwaves
  • Bosch microwaves / Thermador microwaves
  • Frigidaire microwaves / Electrolux microwave

Is it better to repair your microwave oven or replace it? That depends on the extent of the repair and the cost of an equivalent-quality microwave, but we can tell you that in an initial visit/diagnostic call.

Please note that we don’t service or repair standalone microwaves, only microwaves that are built in or above the range.

For more information about microwave repairs, or to schedule an appointment for service, please call (503) 762-1427 or e-mail service@alltechappliance.com. You can also fill out our appliance repair appointment scheduling form.

Please note: In addition to providing microwave repair services, we also take care of: oven, stove, cooktop, and range repairs, washer repairs, dryer repairs, dishwasher repairs, refrigerator repairs, and trash compactor repairs. We service the entire Portland metro area.

Service Built On Trust

We believe in running an honest service business that values your time and only recommends repairs when they are necessary. By being trustworthy, we hope to establish a long term business in the Portland area that will serve our local community, our family and our customers.

Schedule your service online or call 503-762-1427 to speak with one of our technicians about your microwave repair needs. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

When looking for expert microwave repair, don’t simply go with the lowest price repair, go with the one you can trust to get the job done correctly and will treat you and your appliance with respect.